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ERSO manufactures high quality, warranty backed card slitters, including custom paper cutting and slitting machines for unique requirements. Founded in 1995 ERSO has produced automatic business card slitters since 2002 for customers around the world including North America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

Our fast and precise automatic business card / card slitters are able to handle any customer needs such as business cards, greeting cards, postcards, invitations, coupons, labels, etc. ERSO product is 110 / 220 VAC compatible, durable, and able to cut paper with a thickness of 16 pt (350 g/m2) and up, including laminated and UV coated paper stock. Our paper cutter blades are made of high grade steel. Not only are our products manufactured from materials and parts from Canada and the USA, our 1 year labor and 2 year blade warranty comes with 24/7 technical support for all ERSO paper cutter machines.

You will note several slitter designs available through our website and if you can't find what you need, please contact us for a custom design. ERSO is able to produce specialized slitters for any size of stock and any size of final product.

Our Most Popular Business Card Slitters and Card Cutters

Our product is consistently updated in order to provide the highest quality for the lowest price. ERSO's flexible price policy to each individual client provides you the lowest price available. If you have not found the print finishing equipment you need in our catalogue please contact us at . Our staff is ready to help and provide a comprehensive and professional response. We look forward to working with you.

ERSO Paper Cutter Machine Demo Videos

Introducing Our Post-Print Equipment ERSO 1204 MC Accurate Work Out of Cutting Full Bleed Business Cards by  ERSO 1005 FB
Demo Video for ERSO 1204 MC Business Card Slitter Demo Video for ERSO 1005 FB Business Card Slitter
New Product! The Business & Greeting Card Slitter with Adjustable Blades  ERSO 1204 AB 3 in 1! Cutting Cards From 3 Stock Sizes: 12x18, 11x17, 8.5x11! Heavy Duty - High Speed ERSO 1020 FB
Demo Video for ERSO 1204 AB Business Card Slitter Demo Video for ERSO 1020 FB Business Card Slitter
New! 10/20/30 Cards per Sheet From 4 Stocks - All in One Full Bleed Business Card Slitter ERSO 1030 FB Converting Super A3 Paper Sheets to 30 Up Full Color Business Cards by ERSO 3006 FB
Demo Video for ERSO 1030 FB Business Card Slitter Demo Video for ERSO 3006 FB Business Card Slitter
Our New Gutter Cut Business Card Slitter: 12 Full Bleed Cards per Letter Size Page Using ERSO 1205 FB
Demo Video for ERSO 1205 FB Business Card Slitter